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Other facilities in U of A

    1. Advanced Imaging Facility in Biological Sciences:
    2. Cell Biology TEM and Confocal microscopy:     
    3. Facility in MMI:                                                                   
    4. Electron Microscopy at NINT :                                                                  


Useful Links:

These are collections of links which might be useful for the Facility users.
Please report broken link to xjsun@ualberta.ca
Disclaimer: The Facility has no commercial interests nor endorses any of the products

Light microscopy:
These links provides information from general to advanced light microscopy.  Some contains great Java tutorial about optics and confocal/multi-photon microscopy.

Deconvolution:    http://support.svi.nl/wiki/
         in particular a Nyquist calculator page for optimizing sampling rate BEFORE acquiring image for decon.:

FRET information:

FLIM: http://www.kcci.virginia.edu/FRET/flim/index.php

FRAP/FLIP http://www.olympusfluoview.com/applications/flipandfrap.html

FCS http://www.zeiss.com/C12567BE0045ACF1/allBySubject/775A6F2B7439ADF0C12569DD004B3341
Microscopy listserves:
Confocal: http://lists.umn.edu/cgi-bin/wa?A0=CONFOCALMICROSCOPY
Microscopy (more EM inclined): http://www.microscopy.com/
Histonet:        http://www.histosearch.com/histonet.html

General TEM information: http://em-outreach.ucsd.edu/web-course/toc.html

Image Acquisition/processing software:

Microscopy supplies:
           Glass bottom culture dish/plate for live cell imaging
           Nunc chambered slides: Fisher Scientific, VWR, etc.
           WPI:    http://www.wpiinc.com/index.php/Glass-and-Holders/Fluorodish-Cell-Cultures.html
          Grace lab. (http://www.gracebio.com/) for silicon based gasket/spacers for microscopy imaging
TEM lab supplies:
            Ted pella:        http://www.tedpella.com/
            EMS               http://www.emsdiasum.com/


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