Students who have graduated from the Godbout Lab - where are they now?
Wenjun (June) Bie -M. Sc. (1997)

Research Technologist

University of Illinois at Chicago



Dwayne Bisgrove - Ph. D. (2000)

Manager, Reagent Manufacturing and

QC, Pacific Biosciences


Rhonda Witte - M. Sc. (2000)


Paradise Nfld


Stacey Hume - Ph. D. (2003)

Associate Professor

Dept. Medical Genetics

University ofAlberta

Christina Sereda - M. Sc. (2003)

Medical Doctor



Jeff Coles - M. Sc. (2004)




Tanya Gillan - Ph. D. (2004)


Clinical Cytogeneticist and Molecular Geneticist

University of British Columbia


  Sachin Katyal - Ph.D. (2005)

Assistant Professor

University of Manitoba




Raja Mita – Ph.D. (2010)

Director of program investment at Alberta Cancer Foundation



Zhihua (Tina) Gao – Ph.D. (2011)

Associate Professor

Zhejiang University, China


Michael Beaulieu – M.Sc. (2012)

Mathematics program , University of Alberta



Indrani Dutta - M. Sc. (2013)

Ph.D. Student, University of Alberta


Matthew Hildebrandt - Ph.D. (2014)
Post-doctoral fellow at University of Toronto

Devon Germain - Ph.D. (2015)
Post-doctoral fellow at Max F. Perutz Laboratories, Vienna


Miranda Brun Ph.D. (2015)
Fellowship in Clinical Biochemistry
Saket Jain - Ph.D. (2018)
Post-doctoral fellowship at University of California San Francisco


Kevin Vo Ph.D. (2019)
Medical School, University of Alberta