Group Members

Cody Lewis
Emily Harvey
Edric Xiao
Former Members
Zhao Lin (2018) CELL398 student
Solomon Chan (2018) CELL499 student
Jishu An (2017) summer student
Daniel Won Shik Choi
BIOCH498 student
& summer student
David Ruicen He
high school student
summer student
Kevin Lui
summer student
Dawn Macdonald
Research Associate
Devinderjit Moudgil
PhD student
Cindy Qian (2015) summer student
Ruicen He
high school student
Z. Jin (2013-2014) PDF
R. Lee (2013-2014) Summer student
M. Thomson (2013) summer student
Y. Jang (2014) UBC co-op
H. Liu (2014) summer student
A. Cao (2013) summer student
R. Lee (2013) summer student
C. McIver
BIO499 student
K. Patel
CELL499 student
I. Hosamani
MSc student
D. Yandt
MSc student
F. Wong (2012)
summer student
S. Upadhyaya
summer student
C. Dong (2011)
summer student
L. Vos
PhD student
M. Ho
MSc student
W. Xu
CELL499 student
J. Chiang (2009)
summer student
L. Fisher
summer student
J. Famulski
PhD student
A. Sodhi
UBC co-op
J. Misculin (2007)
MSc student
N. Landry (2007)
A. Zhang (2007)
UBC co-op
R. Arao
SFU co-op
Dr. S. Sekar
J. Tyler (2006)
University of Bath co-op
J. Jay (2006)
UBC co-op
C. Wong
summer student
J. Keefe
summer student
A. Bloom
summer student
S. Cheng (2005)
UBC co-op
H. Ng (2005)
UBC co-op
L. Beck (2005)
University of Bath co-op
J. Chudak (2004)
J. McQueen (2004)
UBC co-op
Dr. H. Cho
sabbatical visitor
A. Bellamy
S. Huang (2003)
summer student
C. Doty (2003)
UBC co-op
M. Chau (2003)
summer student

Group Photos

Lab photo 2016
(left to right), D. He, G. Chan, D. Macdonald, D. Choi, K. Lui, C. Lewis

Lab photo 2015
(left to right), G. Chan, C. Qian, C. Lewis

Devinder PhD thesis defence 2015
(left to right), Y. Fu, R. Godbout, D. Moudgil, P. Maddox, G. Chan, M. Srayko, M. Weinfeld

Lab photo 2014
(left to right), Z. Jin, D. Macdonald, W. Wei, H. Liu, G. Chan, D. Moudgil, Y. Jang, R. Lee, M. Thomson

Lab BBQ 2012
(left to right), S. Upadhyaya, F. Wong, D. Macdonald, G. Chan, D. Kaur, I. Hosamani, A. Mazumdar

Lab photo 2011-2
(left to right), C. Dong, I. Hosamani, G. Chan. L. Vos, S. Upadhyaya, D. Kaur, D. Macdonald

Larissa PhD defence 2011
(left to right), R. Karess, L. Vos, A. Shaw, M. Srayko, R. Godbout

Lab photo 2011
(left to right), S. Subedi, D. Macdonald, I. Hosamani, D. Kaur, L. Vos, J. Famulski, G. Chan

Lab photo 2009-2
(left to right), D. Kaur, J. Wang, L. Vos, I. Hosamani, G. Chan

Lab photo 2009
(left to right), J. Wang, D. Kaur, L. Vos, J. Chiang, G. Chan, D. Macdonald

Lab photo 2008
(left to right), A. Sodhi, D. Macdonald, L. Vos, G. Chan, A. Bloom, M. Ho

August 2007
(Left to right) M. Ho, R. Arao, Dr. G. Chan, L. Vos, J. Famulski, Dr. D. Macdonald, A. Zhang

June 2007
(Left to right) A. Zhang, Dr. G. Chan, J. Famulski, R. Arao, S. Lee, L. Vos, Dr. D. Macdonald, Dr. X. Sun

March 2007
(Left to right) A. Zhang, Dr. S. Sekar, L. Vos, Dr. G. Chan, Dr. D. Mcdonald, J. Famulski

August 2006
(Left to right) front: J. Famulski,Dr. G. Chan, Dr. D. Mcdonald, back: S. Sekar, J. Tyler,J. Jay, L. Vos, J. Keefe.

August 2005
(Left to right) Dr. G. Chan, J. Famulski, H. Ng, L. Beck, Dr. D. Mcdonald, L. Vos, S. Cheng, A. Bloom.

February 2004
(Left to right) front: J. McQueen, Dr. H. Cho, Dr. G. Chan; back: Dr. D. Mcdonald, L. Vos, J. Famulski.

August 2003
(Left to right) Dr. H. Cho, S. Huang, J. Famulski, Dr. G. Chan, C. Doty.