Gordon Chan , Ph.D.

B.Sc. (University of Alberta)
Ph.D. (Department of Medical Biochemistry, University of Calgary)
Post-doctoral fellowship (Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA)
Associate Professor, Department of Oncology

Mailing Address & Phone/FAX/E-Mail numbers
Dr. Gordon Chan
Department of Oncology
University of Alberta
11560 University Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta, T6G 1Z2

office phone: (780)-432-8433
office fax: (780)-432-8428
For more information, please contact: gkc@ualberta.ca or gordon.chan@AHS.ca

Research Training Opportunities

Research training is available for undergraduate summer students, undergraduate honors research project students, undergraduate co-op students, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. Individuals interested in graduate work in Oncology in my laboratory should have a strong background in molecular biology, biochemistry and/or cell biology, since research projects typically involve the use of platform technologies from these disciplines.

Research Funding

Operating grants are funded from NSERC and the Canadian Institute of Health Research

Teaching and Outreach Activities

Departmental Committees:
Department of Oncology Cancer Sciences Graduate Coordinating Committee, member
Cell Imaging Facility Management Committee, member
Infrastructure Management Committee, member
Animal Care Committee, member

Local Committees:
Alberta Research Tumor Bank Tissue Distribution Committee, member
Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry 75th Anniversary Graduate Student Award review committee, member
Walter McKenzie Visiting Speakers Fund & FOMD Dean’s Lecture Series Committee, member

Member of grant review panels
Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research, Scholar program, Biomedical Research Review Panel, panel member
CIHR project grant panel member, Cancer Biology and Therapeutics (CBT2) panel member 2017
Cancer Research Society, Panel C1, tumour suppressor genes, oncogenes and DNA repair 2011-2015
Ad hoc reviewer:
NSERC, Discovery Grant - Genes, Cells and Molecules Committee
CancerCare Manitoba - Operating Grant Review
College of Medicine Research Award (CoMRAD), University of Saskatchewan, reviewer
National Medical Research Council, Singapore
Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, UK
Editorial activity:
Guest associate editor, Research topic: Non-Cell Cycle Functions of Cell Cycle Regulators, Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology
Oncol570 Directed Reading in Experimental Oncology
Oncol520 Tumor Biology (joint course co-ordinator 2020)
Oncol425 Module 3 – Mitosis and Aneuploidy in Cancer